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Managing Communication

• Effective communication may be hindered by selective perception and self-serving bias. Recommend at least three strategies that will enhance a person's ability to become a better listener.
• From the video, analyze the various types of verbal and nonverbal communication to determine what additional information they provide. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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One strategy that will help a person to enhance their listening ability is for individuals to refrain from speaking at all while listening to another individual. Trying to talk and or comment while another person is speaking will detract from their ability to ascertain the message that is trying to be communicated to them. Another strategy that will help a person to become a better listener is to concentrate intently upon the words that the individual is using, which will help you to gain a greater understanding of the exact meaning that they are trying to convey to you. By concentrating intently upon the words that are ...

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The solution discusses strategies that will help with managing communication.