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    Inspirational and Powerful Communication

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    Inspirational and powerful communication can contribute to leadership effectiveness; therefore, it is important to understand how to become a communicator that is inspirational and emotion-provoking. This is categorized in three ways: speaking and writing, principles of persuasion, and nonverbal communication. Select one of these categories most useful to you and describe how and why it is important. Next, building on that topic, discuss your current level of skill in that area, what you are going to focus on to improve it, and how this will help you to be a more effective leader.

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    I am a professor so both writing and speaking are important. I must listen and understand student needs and read and communicate through teaching including lecturing and handouts, the information students need. Communication is the only way to help students learn and retain information as well as learn to apply it in ...

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    A brief discussion on communication skills, how I use them and what I need to work on to make them more effective.