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    Cross-Cultural Psychology

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    Equal Pay for Men and Women: Comparable Worth

    The Equal Pay Act of 1963 prohibit companies from paying men more than women for doing jobs that are, comparably, the same (comparable worth). Some critics have argued that such a thing is no longer needed and that there is no longer a gap in pay for men and women for the same job. How do you think the economic downturn has

    Goal-Setting at Work

    What impact do goals have on behavior? What type of goals facilitate the best results? Give an example of effective goal-setting at work.

    Team Members

    In the modern-day work environment, organizations are increasingly relying on team-based work. How would you go about creating a selection system for team members (at least 200 words with a credible reference)?

    Rater Bias and Halo Errors

    With performance appraisals there are several common terms. Please describe the difference between rater bias and halo errors. How can these issues be prevented? (at least 200 words)

    Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Developed

    Describe the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Developed by David Campbell Did you describe the instrument (what kind of questions, how many questions, what scales or dimensions it measures)?

    Culture and Mental Health

    Define mental health and mental health problems. Compare your definitions with the definitions of mental health and mental health problems in another culture. Comparison and description behavior that's considered normal in your culture and that would be considered abnormal in another culture. Think about the types of

    HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs: Global differences

    Consider the factors that may influence the success or failure of an HIV/AIDS prevention program. Select two cultures with different attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to HIV/AIDS. Describe the attitudes, beliefs, and practices of each. Predict whether or not you think an HIV/AIDS prevention program would succee

    HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs

    HIV/AIDS is a worldwide phenomenon that has affected people in every society. The efforts to educate people about HIV/AIDS prevention can be very successful at reducing the spread of this disease. The outcome of such prevention programs is highly dependent on the culture of particular societies. Gender roles, religion, and taboo

    Culture and Health/ Defining Health

    Definition of health. Compare cultural definitions of health Describe cultural differences in attitudes, beliefs, and practices as they relate to a health issues Predict the success of a health intervention based on a culture's attitudes, beliefs, and practices Select two cultures whose definitions of health differ

    Individualism, Collectivism and Attributions of Failure

    Focus on the information about culture and attribution. Imagine that a group of business people from two different cultures (one from a collectivistic culture and another from an individualistic culture) work together on a business project and at the end, the project fails. Consider how people from individualistic and co

    Conformity, Cooperation and Group Relationships

    Describe a specific scenario in which individuals across cultures may display the conformity, cooperation, and group relationship. Describe how each scenario would differ in two specific cultures (one from an individualistic culture and another from a collectivistic culture) outside of the United States. Resources: Ma

    Social Behavior: Communication and Organization

    Humans are social beings who interact with others for survival and to achieve goals. Like the other aspects of human psychology and development discussed thus far in this course, how humans behave in relationship to one another is highly influenced by culture. Examine how culture affects communication and how people behave inter

    Culture and Gender: Sexual Behavior/Attitudes on Sexuality Vary

    While focusing on culture and sexuality answer the following questions. Compare (similarities and differences) the sexual attitude and behavior of the two different cultures. Provide specific examples of each. Provide references. Some resources you can refer to: Gardiner, Harry W., & Kosmitzki, C. (2011). Lives ac

    Culture and Gender how culture affects gender role development

    In the first line identify the agents you will address. Compare the role of two socialization agents on gender role development in different cultures: Compare attitudes and behaviors regarding sexuality across cultures. Discuss how they influence gender role development across cultures.

    Enculturation/Children values and beliefs of a particular society.

    What is the processes of socialization and enculturation? While consider how culture influences practices such as parenting, child rearing, family structure, sleeping habits, and so on, in a specific culture; answer the question for the following. Comparison similarities and differences of the processes of socialization a

    The development of identity in different cultures

    Describe two personality traits that are universal. Describe two personality traits that are culture specific. Give a description of two universal and two culture-specific personality traits. Pick two different cultures and then analyze how the culture-specific traits develop differently in the two cultures. Please

    Theories of Intellignece for African Americans and Latin America

    Define theories on intelligence or define intelligence for the culture of African Americans and cultures of Latin America. How cultures interpret intelligence differently. How intelligence is measured in various cultures. Compare similarities and differences of culture of African Americans and the cultures of Latin America.

    Cultural Influences on Work and Leisure Time

    American society places much emphasis on merit through work. Vacation periods in the U.S. are the shortest among industrialized nations. Many argue that advanced technology has only busied people's lives further, instead of alleviating the time necessary to complete day-to-day tasks. I have to complete the following: E

    Social Stratification

    The United States is predicated on a class system and extensive significance is placed on its being a meritocracy. As a result, it can be challenging for an individual to conceptualize or recognize the role that social barriers play in personal mobility. Explain the role that stratification has played in your life.

    Analyzing World Cultures

    Identify two to three online videos or movies representative of this culture. These could be examples of cultural expressions such as a Bollywood movie from India or Anime videos from Japan. Select a scholarly article that analyzes the same culture presented in the videos you have observed. Describe the cultural difference

    Relationship between culture and behavior

    Please discuss the relationship between culture and behavior. Include a discussion on how a culture's beliefs and values inform its behavior. Illustrate your main points with examples.

    Organizational theory and development

    You tell your next-door neighbor, Hal, that you are studying to be an I/O psychologist focusing on implementing organizational change initiatives. Hal does not understand why a large, successful organization would need to undergo change. His opinion is, "If it works, don't fix it!" Explain the process of organizational dev

    Job Evaluation

    Gloria is a middle-level employee in the marketing department at Aqfa Communications, which owns several renowned magazines. Gloria is a hardworking and efficient employee. She is punctual and avoids tardiness. She is also popular among her colleagues. She never says no to her work and completes difficult assignments on time. Sh

    Corporate restructuring is typified.

    Eastern Financial Company recently experienced a corporate restructuring. Because some new jobs were added and some old jobs eliminated, many job responsibilities changed. HR hired an Organizational Development (OD) consultant, Joe, to help moderate the various changes in the corporate structure. Because of the restructuring,