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Cultural similarities and differences on aging

Please provide a brief description of each of the cultures you selected. Then explain two similarities and two differences in how the cultures approach aging. Be specific.

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Culture Analysis (American and Korean culture):

People within different cultures will always have different approaches when it comes to handling situations. Their views will always differ in how they handle situations such as when it comes to how they handle issues associated to the old age. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the similarities and differences of how the Korean and the American culture approach aging.

The American culture manifests itself in the activities that they carry out where individuals are provided with equal rights under the law. The Korean culture on the other hand is said to be interesting designed with wonderful traditions which brings peace and harmony to the residents (Boduroglu, Yoon, Ting & Park, 2006; Yun & Lachman, 2006).

Different cultures will always have different views and beliefs with respect to aging by gender, culture, or even age. A significant difference is also found to exist between the Korean and the American culture and how they handle issues of the aging in that the Americans normally portray a higher level of anxiety when it comes to the aging. They are known to have a larger amount of substantial fear, physical appearance concerns and psychological concerns whenever they are amidst old people compared to the Korean culture.

Data shows that there has been an increase in the number of the aging in the ...

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Cultural similarities and differences on aging are presented and validated.