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    Cross-Cultural Psychology

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    External and internal validity are clarified.

    You are interested in understanding how a manager's leadership style impacts the performance of a work group. You are trying to decide the best way to design a research study to examine this relationship and want to try to maximize both internal and external validity as well as control over extraneous variables. To what exten

    Job Applicant Profile

    You are a job applicant interested in the position of Marketing Manager at Jay Marketing. Following is a description of the required profile: Primary Responsibilities of the Marketing Manager: Research and implement effective marketing strategies and best practices. Act as a liaison between clients and Jay Marketing. Int

    Multicultural concepts

    Select two of the following multicultural concepts: · Individualism versus collectivism · Bicultural conflict · Acculturation · Culture and aggression · Gender identity · Sexual identity/orientation · Racial identity · Ethnic identity ·

    Comparison between cultural and cross cultural psych

    Define cultural and cross-cultural psychology. Analyze the relationship between cultural and cross-cultural psychology. Discuss the role of critical thinking in cross-cultural psychology. Discuss the methodology associated with cross-cultural research.

    Consultant notes are evaluated.

    Read the Consultant Notes to see how you have addressed one problem so far. As a member of the consulting firm, participate in a roundtable discussion to assess how you handled the request for confidentiality from Dr. Dupres. You might address such issues or questions like these: What did you do well? Is there something

    Improving Organization Retention at JC's Casino

    You are an independent consultant who has recently been hired by JC's Casino to help improve retention issues concerning the dealers and housekeepers. Most of the dealers have been leaving the casino to work at other casinos in the area, even though JC's Casino pays better than their local competition. On several exit intervie


    Imagine you are the CEO (leader) of a small electronics company and have just purchased a competitor. You now need to use your power and influence to implement the takeover of the new company. How will you accomplish this outcome? References Yukl, G. (2010). Leadership in organizations (6th ed.) Upper River, NJ: Prentice

    Job Analysis is addressed.

    Conduct a job analysis for your selected job using one of the job analysis methods and discuss how it could be used within an organization. Evaluate the reliability and validity of your job analysis. Evaluate different performance appraisal methods that might be applied to your chosen job. Explain the various benefits a


    Describe test application for Face validity & Content validity. Under what condition would they be used? What are the strenghts & weaknesses of each?

    Jung, Adler, and Freud

    1.Compare and contrast Jung's and Adler's theories to Freud's theories. 2 .According to Freud, which is more important: the patient-therapist relationship or the therapeutic technique used? Why does he state that one is more important? Do you agree? Defend your position.

    Psychological Theory in Multicultural Psychology

    -Which traditional psychological theory is applicable in multicultural psychology (e.g., Bowlby-Attachment Theory, Maher-Object Relations Theory, Levinson-Personality Theory, and Erickson-Stage Theory)? Explain your answer.

    cross-culture on media help

    I am doing a presentation in cross-culture on media using the question below please help me with some suggestions and sources. Immigrants and the issue of acculturation or the ability to assimilate and the effects of media on that process: Topic

    Discussing Cross Cultural Psychology

    Please address the following question: Can cross-cultural psychology be applied to other fields? Please provide a specific example in your response.

    Evaluate at least two work motivation theories.

    I am an independent consultant who has recently been hired by JCâ??s Casino to help improve retention issues concerning the dealers and housekeepers. Most of the dealers have been leaving the casino to work at other casinos in the area, even though JCâ??s Casino pays better than their local competition. On several exit inter

    Information on performance apprasial and job analysis

    Please can someone help me out with some information on three types of psychological testing used in the workplace and differentiate between those used for pre-employment or retention. I also have to explain the validity and reliability issues surrounding the use of psychological testing and discuss ethical issue involved in ps

    Organizational Theory

    The list below identifies individuals in key management positions in different types of companies. From this list, choose three individuals and then suggest a research study that someone in that position might find useful. Then, for each of the individuals you choose, give the reasons why you think this research is important to

    Culture consists of knowledge, beliefs, and evaluations shared among members of a society and reflects not only the biological endowment of humans but also the constraints of their social and physical environments. Social structure reflects culture and consists of persisting patterns of behavior and interaction

    It is important to understand the relationship between culture and behavior, especially for those in the field of psychology, because culture is not limited to a person's racial background or ethnicity; it also varies by characteristics such as gender, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and locale, which is related t

    Behavioural cohesiveness

    What is cohesiveness? What impact does cohesiveness have on behavior? Does a group need to be cohesive in order to be successful? Why or why not? Response is 308 words.