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Consultation Notes

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Read the Consultant Notes to see how you have addressed one problem so far.
As a member of the consulting firm, participate in a roundtable discussion to assess how you handled the request for confidentiality from Dr. Dupres.

You might address such issues or questions like these:

What did you do well?
Is there something else you should have or could have done?
Are the conditions you "negotiated" fair to the following people?
Ken and Dr. Dupres
consulting firm
executive team
board and shareholders
Are there any other parties that need to be considered in making these considerations?

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The main challenge is to "empower" Ken in his role as President and guiding his growth as COO into CEO. Since Ken's appointment to the role of ex-officio corporate officer was done as a "favor" of a major shareholder, it sounds that Ken's status may be undermined because he is in a lower power position.

Dr. Dupres rightly assessed the need for company reorganization. My sense is that there ...

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This solution presents a case study of consultation notes: "As a member of the consulting firm, participate in a roundtable discussion to assess how you handled the request for confidentiality from Dr. Dupres."

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