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Cross-Cultural Psychology

Conflicts types are defined.

Determine the differences between constructive and destructive conflict. How do they affect networking? Discuss examples of each that you may have encountered in your work environment. Identify and discuss some desirable factors that are supportive of team learning and allow for sustainable innovation and creativity. T

Technology Impact

Based on an Internet article and personal experience write a paper regarding the impact of technology on customers. (a) how the company introduced the new product to customers (b) ways that added value due to the new technology was proven (c) outline support plan for customers who may have questions (d) emphasize new part

Individuals in organizations IP

An organization is a consciously coordinated social unit, composed of several people whose main focus is to achieve a common goal or set of goals. A successful organization understands the cultural differences in various divisions or branches. It uses culture and group dynamics to overcome management challenges, implement str

Challenges in Leading Groups

What unique difficulties do female group leaders face? How can they overcome these challenges? Provide two examples of difficult personality types and explain how to effectively deal with them.

Article Summary

Provide summary of the article. Please see the attachment. "Rewards and organizational performance in Japan and the United States: A Comparison? (Allen, White, Takeda & Helms, 2004).

Interpersonal Relationship.

Describe a specific scenario in which individuals across cultures may display the following: Conformity, cooperation, and group relationships. Describe how each scenario would differ in two specific cultures (one from an individualistic culture and another from a collectivistic culture) outside of the United States.

What is corporate culture?

1. What is corporate culture? 2. Why is it important for companies to assess its impact on their current functioning?

Flat Organizations

Some notes and a very solid foundation regarding these areas are given: ?History of Disney ?Organizational Diversity. What is Diversity? Importance? ?Diversity at Disney

Summarize the article

I need help with the following article "Communities of Commitment: The Heart of the Learning Organization," by Fred Kofman and Peter Senge, found at:,.

Predictors used in hiring decisions

Executives at an electronics company want to ensure the validity of their "selection batteries" (predictors and or tests used to make hiring decisions). They also want to ensure that their selection batteries are useful and cost-efficient. The utility of predictors and or tests used to make hiring decisions is determined by a

Cultural Assimilation

What is assimilation? Is there a hidden cost to the individual? Is there a gain or lost? Is it realistic or not and why? give reasons and examples.(2 1/2 page paper). I need suggestions and ideas for these questions. The more infromation and examples the better. Thank you.

Global Strategic Management

What is your impression of the world wide operation of Altria? Does Altria have a competitive advantage and/or a competitive strategy.. justify? Choose a product of Altria's and describe the components of this product's value chain. What strategic alternatives are open to Altria explain and justify?

Case: Cultural dynamics, conflicts, ethics, sensitive issues and recommendations

Carmen is a 35-year-old Hispanic American woman who is working on a project with Hong, a 25-year-old Asian American graduate student intern. Several months ago, they were assigned to work together on an integral part of the project. They have been working together on a daily basis since the assignment was given. However, there a

Judge and Coach: Contradiction or Complement?

1. Do you agree that the roles of judge and coach are incompatible? Why or why not? 2. Can effective coaching take place without judgment? As a demonstration (maybe to yourself or others) try to provide performance feedback without first making some assessment, even if it is informal. Coaching for improvement requires s

Evaluators Might Need Motivation Too!

Performance has often been viewed as a multiplicative function of ability and motivation. Of course, from the quality movement and attribution theory, system factors must also be recognized as important determinants of performance. Focusing on a person, however, leads to emphasizing ability and motivation as causes of performa



Setting priorities via NGT - Goals, Group Technique and Time Frames

CROSS FUNCTIONAL (BY LEVEL) SESSION (for end of day one) ? GOAL: Organize themes to discuss with total group that identify what we do well and what needs to change. Assign priorities to these themes: their importance at the specific level of organization for which the cross functional team is composed. 1. Process nominal g

Research and Data Collection

One technique that consultants use involves looking for additional research projects that would be of interest to their clients. If they find relevant projects, they usually present them, formally or informally, to the client to check their interest. In this way, the consultant firm can continue to work with clients and become a

Discussion questions to consider

The following questions are from the Handbook of Training Evaluation and Measurement Methods by Jack J. Phillips. I could use some other feedback/insight with these questions. CHAPTER FIVE SOME ORGANIZATIONS NEED A ROI PROCESS THAT WILL LOOK FORWARD (FORECAST) AND BACKWARD (ROI RESULTS). CAN THIS MODEL BE USED IN BOTH SC

Research Methods and Design

These questions are taken from the textbook "Handbook of Training Evaluation and Measurement Methods" by Jack J. Phllips. I would like some insight to the following questions. CHAPTER SEVEN WHEN IS IT IMPORTANT TO USE CONTROL GROUPS IN THE EVALUATION PROCESS? IS THIS A COMMON PRACTICE? EXPLAIN. WHAT FACTORS AFFECT

Discussion questions to consider

The following are questions from the Handbook of Training Evaluation and Measurement Methods by Jack J. Phillips. We are to consider some thoughts regarding these questions. I would appreciate some input! BEFORE SELECTING AN EVALUATION INSTRUMENT, WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO ANALYZE THE TYPES OF DATA NEEDED AND EXAMINE HOW THE

Questions on the essay on Social Learning

I have a few questions on the attached essay on Social Leaning. Would you please be so kind to help me with understanding them: I found that the paper (attached) seemed to be in two parts: Part I - in which the author discussed the biological foundation of social learning theory; and Part II - in which she placed social learni

Guidelines for Summarizing Information

I have two articles that I have to summarize and am looking for a list of guidelines to follow. Can you provide a form of tips or guidelines in an easy to follow format of what to include and exclude for this assignment (i.e., title, heading, how to begin, structure, examples, etc.). Thanks.