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    Cultural sensitivity

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    Can you compare and contrast the overall group experiences that Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Latino Americans have with societal discrimination by identifying their communication needs and discuss the major cultural sensitivities and effective interventions for addressing these sensitivities?

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    Immigrant status, by itself can make any individual from a given group, feel quite pressured, isolated, and un-familiar with main stream trends and so on and so forth. Added to this, could be factors of educational and socio-economic levels. Gender plays a role too, as well as personal family status, such as being single and young vs. with a family's responsibility.

    AA community members tend to live closer to their own kind. There are traditional codes for individual and families which are followed by the Asian Americans. The need for being close knit to their family members, helps form a cluster community and normally AA want to live that way. The schools, shops and residential areas of AA immigrants, therefore, have their own people working in the service industries and thereby, the issue of cultural and language differences do not arise.

    Hispanic & Latino Communities

    Same is true for Hispanic and Latino families. The individuals ...