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    Cross-Cultural Psychology

    Values and Ethics

    What factors might cause an individual's values to not be in alignment with those of the society that they live in?

    Conflict resolution

    Scenario: Two department manager's were constantly at odds with each other arguing over job related issues and would try and out do or sabotage each other which often involved the use of subordinates. One conflict resulted when both departments had to work on a project together. One department manager argued her department shou

    Diversity: Walmart

    I need help on organizational diversity for an outline I am making on Wal-Mart.

    Flat Organization Model (Employee Empowerment)

    Describe methods for preparing employees at all levels for shifts in individual and group decision-making responsibility that come with the flat organizational model (1050-1400 words). Include: a.What is the relationship between wellness and performance excellence? b.What methods for coping with stress can an industrial/orga

    Workplace Satisfaction

    1- How do you uphold the values, vision, and mission of your organization? How do they align with your personal values. 2- Create a purpose statement based on your own values. How does it align with your work? 3- What would make work better for you? Who could you tell to bring this change about? What would you say? Wil

    Article Analysis

    Please help me write an analysis of the concepts covered in the article "Communities of Commitment: The Heart of the Learning Organization," by Fred Kofman and Peter Senge. Apply these concepts to the NYC Dept. of Education.


    How can one go about advocating for meeting one's own professional needs without becoming too "subjective" in our practice with human services clients?

    Examing the concept of Organizational Development

    Explain the concept of organizational development and explain the process of organizational development also identify the theories associated with organizational development also describe the conditions that are necessary for sucesssful organizational change and development all this in essay form and APA format with at least 2

    Productive and Counterproductive Behavior in Organizations

    Prepare a response in which you analyze the relationship between productive and counterproductive behavior in organizations. As a part of your analysis be sure to address the following items: - Define productive and counterproductive behavior. - Describe the impact that productive and counterproductive behaviors have on jo

    Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors

    Basically, what I am looking for is help on an 800 word paper on structure and information on the definition of counterproductive behavior and productive behaviors and help to analyze the relationship between the two of them in organizations.I am finding it hard to structure the paper so any help is appreciated. Also in the pap

    Are workplace wellness programs effective?

    Are workplace wellness programs effective in promoting better health and productivity among employees,including stress reduction? Why or why not? Facts that support the position.

    Conflicts types are defined.

    Determine the differences between constructive and destructive conflict. How do they affect networking? Discuss examples of each that you may have encountered in your work environment. Identify and discuss some desirable factors that are supportive of team learning and allow for sustainable innovation and creativity. T

    Technology Impact

    Based on an Internet article and personal experience write a paper regarding the impact of technology on customers. (a) how the company introduced the new product to customers (b) ways that added value due to the new technology was proven (c) outline support plan for customers who may have questions (d) emphasize new part

    Individuals in organizations IP

    An organization is a consciously coordinated social unit, composed of several people whose main focus is to achieve a common goal or set of goals. A successful organization understands the cultural differences in various divisions or branches. It uses culture and group dynamics to overcome management challenges, implement str

    Challenges in Leading Groups

    What unique difficulties do female group leaders face? How can they overcome these challenges? Provide two examples of difficult personality types and explain how to effectively deal with them.

    Article Summary

    Provide summary of the article. Please see the attachment. "Rewards and organizational performance in Japan and the United States: A Comparison? (Allen, White, Takeda & Helms, 2004).

    Interpersonal Relationship.

    Describe a specific scenario in which individuals across cultures may display the following: Conformity, cooperation, and group relationships. Describe how each scenario would differ in two specific cultures (one from an individualistic culture and another from a collectivistic culture) outside of the United States.

    What is corporate culture?

    1. What is corporate culture? 2. Why is it important for companies to assess its impact on their current functioning?

    Flat Organizations

    Some notes and a very solid foundation regarding these areas are given: ?History of Disney ?Organizational Diversity. What is Diversity? Importance? ?Diversity at Disney