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Workplace Discrimination and Culture

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Can you provide me with a situation where someone was treated unfairly in the workplace due to individual differences? Please include the following:

Describe the circumstances of the situation.

Describe how this person were mistreated, and how this mistreatment suggests a universal diverse orientation was not in place.

Describe how the ability to have been fully empathic in this situation may have been restricted.

Describe what would have been a better way to handle the situation.

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This is a personal experience or opinion assignment so there is no references included. I picked a general situation, that could happen to anyone. just to make it universal. you can adapt this one or use it as a basis for your final paper.

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Describe the circumstances of the situation.

Working at the same job for seven years with almost no advancement and bare minimal pay raises, a female who has been at the same company for about seven years; shows up on time, stays entire shift, takes only two allotted vacations per year, very rarely calls in sick, receives average to above average (satisfactory) marks on annual performance reviews with minimal pay increases

Describe how this person were mistreated, and how this ...

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