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Woody's Veneer Factory

Need some assistance. Need to recommend at least two strategies to create alliances between management and the floor workers. Also need to make a few suggestions to the investors on possible course of actions for certain employees.

Need references to support the actions and an few examples of where this support has been used by other industries.

Please see attachment for information regarding Woody's

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A possible reason for some of the floor workers to be grinding up the good veneer is job burnout. If an "us vs. them" attitude exists within the factory some of these workers may feel disrespected and underappreciated by management. Naturally that would be frustrating and it may have produced a desire in these floor workers to seek revenge. Members of management may be experiencing burnout as well if they are resorting to violence in the workplace. Neither are acceptable solutions and a strategy to create an alliance between the floor workers and management would be to change communication patterns within the factory. Most communication by management is done on a bulletin ...

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