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Immigrants and the issue of acculturation

I am doing a presentation in cross-culture on media using the question below please help me with some suggestions and sources.

Immigrants and the issue of acculturation or the ability to assimilate and the effects of media on that process: Topic

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As you brainstorm for your presentation, you might want to narrow your topic to focus on immigrant children and the use of television as acculturation. A possible title might be "Acculturation Through Hannah Montana: An Exploration of Immigrant Children's Television Habits on Their Acculturation Patterns." What do you think?

Next, you need to find an attention getter. Perhaps you could tell a story or find one about how a young immigrant learned English or American values from TV shows? You might also research some statistics to show how prevalent the numbers of immigrant children currently are in America.

It is also vital for you to define acculturation. A theoretical definition is that it involves "Cultural change that is initiated by the conjunction of two or more autonomous cultural systems...it may be the consequences of direct cultural transmission; it may be derived from noncultural causes, such as ...

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Immigrants and the issue of acculturation is explored briefly by giving some research sources to guide.