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    Assimilation and Acculturation & Success

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    1. What are the differences between assimilation and acculturation? Define in detail. (about 250 words)

    2. What is success? How does one achieve it? Does this definition of success fit every culture and every circumstance? (about words)

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    1. What are the differences between assimilation and acculturation? Define in detail.250 WORDS

    Acculturation is used to describe "the process of contacts between different cultures and also between the customs of such contacts." As two cultures come into contact, "acculturation may involve either direct social interaction or exposure to other cultures by means of the mass media of communication. As the outcome of such contact, acculturation refers to the adaptation by one group of the culture of another which modifies the existing culture and so changes group identity."
    However, aspects of both cultures exist, and "there may be a tension between old and new cultures which leads to the adapting of the new as well as the old." (http://www.sociologyguide.com/basic-concepts/Assimilation.php).

    On the other hand, the term 'assimilation' is the complete absorption of one culture into the other. A good example is where "large numbers of migrants from Europe were absorbed into the American population during the 19th and the early part of the 20th century. The assimilation of immigrants was a dramatic and highly visible set of events and illustrates the process well" (http://www.sociologyguide.com/basic-concepts/Assimilation.php). Some proposed ...

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    By addressing the questions, this solution examines three concepts: assimilation and acculturation, as well as success. References are provided.