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McDonald's: Organizational Committment and Job Satisfaction

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Organizational commitment and job satisfaction must be answered from the viewpoints of managers working for the company and employees as often there is a discrepancy between those two experiences.

When comparing the "general" as opposed to McDonald's, one must specify the size of the company and look at their goals and mission as this affects policy. Larger companies, such as McDonald's , often count on large turnover in employees (although not necessarily managers). They hire teenagers, do not invest much time/money into training, and turnover is planned into the budget. A family based company, or a small company might have the goals of hiring with the intent of keeping and has a policy of promotion from within.

When answering this question, one must define these factors before discussion the commitment of the organization and its impact (or lack of) on employee satisfaction.

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First start off defining Organizational psychology and its concepts. This would include primarily describing job satisfaction, organizational commitment and how the first influences the latter.

Excellent site here: http://wfnetwork.bc.edu/encyclopedia_entry.php?id=244.

Look up the sources this site uses for more ideas ! Great way to do research is to look up someone else's - that will lead you to other sources as well.

The beginning of this pdf has excellent explanations as well and illustrates a good structure on how to start this discussion:


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Describe the relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction
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Describe the relationship between organizational commitment and job satisfaction
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