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Cultural Issues Applied to Native American Clients

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What are cultural issues and why should a clinical psychologist be aware of them, in respect to the Native American culture? Please ensure to cite and reference.

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Native Americans face many issues today as they did many years ago when America was discovered. For example, according to Native News (2011), a plethora of them are mentioned. They struggle to save the mountain peaks in San Francisco, violate the two row treaty, water rights, and the failure of government to take action on behalf of those from this particular culture. As one can tell, these problems are going on currently, and do affect the way a person lives, especially if they are a Native American. A Clinical Psychologist, though, needs to stay aware of any kind of cultural dilemma because he or she could face having to deal with a client from that ...

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Explains the risks Clinical Psychologists face when counseling clients of different cultures.