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Agencies for Diverse Cultures

In many communities, especially larger metropolitan areas, specialized social service agencies exist for many of the diverse cultures that populate the community. For example, in my community, we have one agency that serves the Latino community, another that serves the East African community, one that serves the Native American community, one that serves the hearing impaired community, one that serves the African American community, and so on.

I need help answering questions on the interests of a therapist:
- Would a therapist in my area show the greatest professional competence by referring his or her client out to the appropriate culture-based agency rather than working with him or her directly?
- What might be some issues to consider in this?

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The establishment of authentic therapeutic relationships is a very important part of the therapeutic process. Many clients begin this process "Guarded", and when an individual has apprehensions about the said ...

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The following posting discusses agencies for diverse cultures. Impaired hearing community in the African American community is provided. The greatest professional competences are given.