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I/O psycholodgy: training & development for career growth

In light of the recent economic downturn, what do you think about training and development needs in terms of prospects of new job opportunities or career growth during this current period of recession? How do you think this recession happened to Americaâ?¦ did we ever see this coming?

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There are multiple macro- and micro-level factors which when combined push a society's economic system into recession. Basically, the income and the inflation of the value of the currency together with pricing for commodities, taxes, and amenities as well as everyday needs and hosing or fuel go up to a very high level and that leads the whole economy to feel inadequate in terms of flow of cash in it.
International economics - imports, exports, trading, and all illegal large scale schemes to launder money or committing illegal businesses that affect access to resources and disturb a fair pricing system, lead to massive losses to a country's economy.

Lawlessness, lack of fair and service oriented government and leadership as well as the dishonest and ...

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I/O psycholodgy: training and development for prospects of new job opportunities or career growth - short answer