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The cultural differences between the Indians and the Japanese

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Identify two to three online videos or movies representative of this culture. These could be examples of cultural expressions such as a Bollywood movie from India or Anime videos from Japan.

Select a scholarly article that analyzes the same culture presented in the videos you have observed.

Describe the cultural differences you have observed in the video. How are these observations supported by the research article?

Describe the videos you have watched.
Explain the main points of the videos.
Examine what stood out about the culture.
Compare and contrast the similarities and differences of this culture with your own.
Examine the ways of this culture. Is it one you would want to visit or live in?
Would you experience culture shock if you immersed yourself in this culture? Why or why not?

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Analyzing world cultures:

The cultural differences between the Indians and the Japanese:

India has a culture that is very rich in its traditions and customs and which keeps its people binding together. The Hindu's house warming ceremony known as the Griha Pravesh is a ceremony performed when one is entering a new house for the first time. There are wedding customs such as the ceremony of the announcement that the boy and girl have found each other and they will look no further for a life partner. The family of the girl also visits that of the boy carrying gifts. Indians also love to celebrate Indian festivals such as the Diwali, Id and Pongal. Every festival has its own rituals and customs like fasting, lighting lamps, feasting and throwing colour. The Indian classical and folk dances involves a wide range of ancient dances. These dances and folk are essential to the lives of Indians since they are sources of entertainment, religious inspiration, emotional bonding and cultural expression (India parenting, 2011).

On the other hand, the Japanese always believe that they are part of a group. The Japanese are always sensitive of how people think about them and are always hesitant to do something independent, different or new. The Japanese take it upon themselves that everyone is in lock-step with one another. They love to see themselves as the victim when international criticisms of Japanese stances mount, when trade fictions grow. They always communicate in meetings and all ...

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The cultural differences between the Indians and the Japanese are clearly articulated in this guide.

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