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Diversity Efforts Focus on Ethics

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To increase diversity, it is often legal to consider race or gender as a factor in selecting employees. Although legal, do you think it is ethical that race or gender be a factor in making an employment decision? How much of a role should it play?

Is it ethical to hire a person with a lower test score because he or she seems to be a better personality fit for an organization?

If an I/O psychologist is employed by a company that appears to be discriminating against Hispanic people, is it ethical for her to stay with the company? What ethical obligations does she have?

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You may need to set up your paper using APA style guidance. I have provided a site above. I have attached a few articles with APA style references. These are very good references that you can use to support your own opinions.
Terpstra, D. E. (1997). Recommendations for research on the effects of organizational diversity on women. Journal Of Business And Psychology, 11(4), 485-492. doi:10.1007/BF02195893
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Marques, J. F. ...

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Diversity efforts focused on ethics is examined.

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