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    Assessment Tools

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    Integrating Assessment Results

    Especially with online tests, which often come with sophisticated computer-generated reports, it can be tempting to minimize the role of the counsellor by leaving clients to read their reports independently. Based on your own experience completing the tests, your readings, and the test-related discussion forums, use this forum t

    Areas of Assessment and Related Instruments.

    Give a brief description of assessment in the area of human behavior. Then describe one assessment instrument used to assess this area. Provide an evaluation of the assessment instrument, including the construct(s) it assesses, why the assessment instrument might be administered, and the range of possible outcomes. Finally, expl

    Assessment in Counseling

    - Briefly explain the role and importance of assessment in counseling practice. - Explain two situations in which a counselor should use formal assessment in counseling practice. - Explain two situations in which one should use informal assessment in counseling practice. - Justify your response using specific examples.

    Assessment skills

    Please provide a brief explanation of two ways in which assessment can be used in a counselling practice. Then explain four skills that are needed to further develop to fully integrate formal and informal assessment into a counselling practice.

    Psychological theories of motivation

    Please look at the inventory, and score it @ http://www.thinkimpactsolutions.com/images/Self-Motivation_Assessment_Tool_-_Best.pdf Does the result seem real to you -- that is, does it accurately reflect how you think and act? Why or why not? If you were an HR manager in charge of hiring, would you administer an inventory of

    Psychological theories of motivation

    Please read Think Impact (2010). Self-motivation assessment tool. @ http://www.thinkimpactsolutions.com/images/Self-Motivation_Assessment_Tool_-_Best.pdf Please complete the inventory, and score it. Does the result seem real to you -- that is, does it accurately reflect how you think and act? Why or why not? If you were an

    Writing an Assessment Paper (Chemical/Drugs)

    Can an assessment be written as a paper? Are there any samples of real assessments in this category or pertaining to that I can use as a guide to follow in order to complete this assignment? Any help is appreciated! How do you begin to write a response for chemical use assessment/history and treatment recommendations for a psych

    Toys and Child Development

    Parents purchase a number of items (until preschool) to help their children get a head start in education. Locate a few unique educational products on the market and probe their claims about helping children grow cognitively. Explain how the products may fit into Piaget's stages of child development.

    Utilization of Student Functional Assessments

    Sandy, a third grade student with learning problems, attended a special class. She usually engaged in disruptive behaviors in the classroom when required to complete math problems. The teacher conducted a functional assessment and found that the request to do math problems was the primary antecedent to the disruptive behavior. T

    Mrs. Hudson: Culturally Competent Assessment and Diagnosis

    Develop a culturally relevent diagnosis including these guidelines: Axis I: Clinical disorders Axis II: Personality/ developmental disorders Axis III: Relevant physical disorders Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental problems Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning Axis VI: Addressing Summarize the major issues in

    Assessment Techniques

    Case Study Attached Describe two potential assessment techniques and/or tools that might be used for the Yellowbird family case. Compare the major similarities and differences between the techniques and/or tools. Explain why each technique and/or tool might be used for assessment in this case. Evaluate which of the two woul

    Psychological Assessment (QLQ Social Desirability Scale)

    The QLQ report provides a Social Desirability Scale, intended to assess whether the test taker responded truthfully. Typically this scale has produced questionable results for counsellors, counselling students, and other helping professionals. Do you believe this scale is measuring truthful responses or something else? Can you a

    Projective tests and their validity in assessment

    A projective test battery. The battery will include the following components: 1. One monochromatic Rorschach-like Ink blot 2. One TAT-like picture 3. One word association test consisting of a list of 10 words 4. One sentence completion test, consisting of a list of ten sentence completion stems. 5

    Assessment Qualification Levels

    Review the Qualification levels for the use of Psychological Assessment. Compare these qualifications to the professional activities covered in the license or certification (Licensed Marriage and family Counselor). Describe the types of assessments that may be qualified to administer with appropriate training and supervision

    Designing a Test of Depression

    100 word count answer Suppose that you were setting out to design a test that would detect whether the test taker suffered from depression. (a) List two features, characteristics, or qualities that you want your finished product to have. (b) List two things that you would try NOT to do as you were designing your test.

    Vocational/Career Counseling/Development Assessment/Inventory

    Think about what you might learn about yourself as a result of taking a self-assessment inventory in the area of vocational/career counseling/development at this stage of your life (age 52, white female, divorced, living in the U.S). Then write what the findings would be from such an inventory. What would your reaction be to the

    Assessment Procedures

    I need some assistance/ideas/thoughts on concerning assessment procedures. I need to choose one of the items below and read through the portions of the resource that concern assessment procedures. The I need to point out any surprises that were found; likewise, make a note of anything you felt was missing in the information pro

    HELP IS MUCH NEEDED RIGHT NOW! Tests and Measurments.

    Please help is much needed right now! I need few Paragraphs in regards to the following: An explanation of the role of testing and assessment with employment interview. Then, describe how cognitive ability tests and personality tests that you might use in this setting and why. Finally, explain some issues that are re

    Assessment Report

    Read and analyze the case study below wearing the hat of a marriage family therapist. A female, age 19, Marceline (M), is in your office. She has a friend, who is waiting for her with her 26-month-old male chi

    History of Psychological Assessment Paper

    Select a significant event in the development of psychological testing (e.g. Chinese use of essay exams for civil service selection, use of alpha and beta testing in World War I, Wundt's laboratory, development of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory [MMPI]). Explore your selected event and its historical roots. Be su

    Screening and assessment

    Choose 1 objective and 1 projective personality test, and discuss the benefits and limitations to the tests you chose.

    Screening and Assessment

    Case Study: Assessments George, husband Teresa, wife L.B., 7, son J.J., 3, daughter Mom is babysitter for L.B. after school. Teresaâ??s sister is babysitter for J.J. at home with her own children during the day You are a therapist in private practice and George is in your office. George says his wife

    Case Study Assessment

    George, husband Teresa, wife L.B., 7, son J.J., 3, daughter Mom is babysitter for L.B. after school. Teresa's sister is babysitter for J.J. at home with her own children during the day You are a therapist in private practice and George is in your office. George says his wife is crazy. Their 3 year old will not

    Discuss the role of assessments.

    What is your understanding of the role of assessment (do you think they are beneficial or not?If yes or no what contributed to your shifts in thinking about assessments or has it deepened your understanding of the area of counseling practice?

    Assessment of Clients With a Dual Diagnosis

    - What Axis I diagnoses would you consider for James? Support your choices to specific DSM-IV-TR criteria. -What other information needs to be gathered in order to make firm diagnoses on Axis I? -What factors to take into account when developing a treatment plan for working with James? (Describe three treatment goal