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Piaget's Stages of Development & Learning Tools

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Parents purchase a number of items (until preschool) to help their children get a head start in education. Locate a few unique educational products on the market and probe their claims about helping children grow cognitively. Explain how the products may fit into Piaget's stages of child development.

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Piaget's Stages of Development and Development Materials

Parents, especially new parents, worry about the development of their children - from cognitive to physical. It is but a natural reaction as parents are always on the lookout for the best for their children and the best possible foundation can be achieved at childhood. For toddlers and pre-school kids, parents devote as much time as possible and as much resources as possible towards learning and socialising. Much of this happens at play. According to Piaget, there are stages to development. From infancy to pre-school age (0-5), kids go through operating from simple reflexes, to learning schemas of thought, language and then development of qualitative and symbolic mental functions that allow for a comprehensive understanding of ...

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