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Utilization of Student Functional Assessments

Sandy, a third grade student with learning problems, attended a special class. She usually engaged in disruptive behaviors in the classroom when required to complete math problems. The teacher conducted a functional assessment and found that the request to do math problems was the primary antecedent to the disruptive behavior. The teacher decided to use an antecedent manipulation and no longer asked Sandy to do math problems. The teacher reasoned that if Sandy was no longer asked to do math problems, the disruptive behavior would be less likely to occur. What is the problem with this procedure? Discuss the reason why the antecedent control procedure is not being used effectively. Provide an alternative plan.

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The major problem with this procedure, is the fact that by not asking Sandy to do math problems, Sandy is being deprived of her right to participate in a very important facet of learning to perform mathematical procedures. By performing math problems, students usually demonstrate to the teacher their methodology and procedures, as well as the mastery of a given mathematical concept, and by ...

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The solution discusses the utilization of student functional assessments.