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    Projective tests and their validity in assessment

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    A projective test battery. The battery will include the following components:

    1. One monochromatic Rorschach-like Ink blot

    2. One TAT-like picture

    3. One word association test consisting of a list of 10 words

    4. One sentence completion test, consisting of a list of ten sentence completion stems.

    5. One picture frustration item similar to the items found in the Rosenzweig Picture Frustration study.

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    Please see the following attached files and articles available on line related to the topic of the assignment - Projective tests.

    PTs do have certain merits as well as weaknesses, which are detailed in the articles.

    Primarily, PTs are focused on the content of the respondent or test taker's view or an impression in case of a TAT or an Inkblot test, and the story construction basis in case of a TAT test.

    Open-ended responses to ambiguous ...

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    Personality projective tests and validity issues are examined.