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Assessment Tools

Educational and Psychological Measurement and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

You are trying to select a psychological test to determine potential areas of interest for students entering college. The Educational and Psychological Measurement and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment are the two tests. What would be the top three criteria ranked in using the selected tests? Explain why you feel they are im

Test and measurement questions

Please help me answer these and please provide references. 1.Behavioral assessment signifies an approach or way of gathering information about important human characteristics. Please explain six approaches to behavioral assessment; and briefly describe two of these approaches? 2.Please explain the difference between re

Neuropsychological assessment battery

Explain the difference between a fixed and flexible neuropsychological assessment battery. Which type of battery do you think would produce the most accurate assessments and why?

Psychology assessment

The last part of chapter 2 is focused on "legal and ethical considerations" (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010, p. 53). This section is divided into three subsections: "The Concerns of the Public," "The Concerns of the Profession," and "The Rights of the Test-taker." After reading through this section of chapter 2, reply to this post des

Family Functional Assessment

Below is the link to the information which can be found about the Family Functional Assessment that DHS permanency planning workers use as a means of gaining family information, background, and overall ability to function. As the website explains, "Family Functional Assessment, is the most important step in the permanency plann

A critique of the Behavioral Assessment System test (strengths and weaknesses; psychometric qualities; and specific ethical, legal, and other issues) Also included are extra peer reviewed references that could be used for further research.

For most purposes, the Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC) is an excellent choice for screening externalizing behavior problems. The rating scale has a number of items and scales specific to the externalizing domain. The is a comprehensive system for assessing child and adolescent behavior.

Diagnosis and assessment

What kind of treatment plan would be recommended for clients that states, I cannot imagine leading a normal life without taking lithium and psychotherapy? Explain the approach to be use and note how it is reflected in the plan.

Diagnosis and Assessment.

How does making a culturally sensitive diagnosis of a client affect the impact on assessment and diagnosis?


Week 5 DQ 1 1. Today, we have a number of different family configurations: the single parent, the divorced parent, blended families, children being reared by their grandparents, unmarried parents, and same-sex parents. What are the differences among these different family configurations as they relate to rearing psychological

Assessment and diagnosis

Identify what information is important to collect during the inital assessment process to make a diagnosis and why. Expalain what methods can be used to collect the data or make ongoing assessment.

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment

Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment The Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment is a two-part project which asks you to assess the current state of your workplace environment in regard to how it motivates (or fails to motivate) employees to affect increased job satisfaction and workplace productivity. e. Part