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    Achievement and Aptitude Assessment

    Achievement and aptitude assessments serve distinct, but potentially complimentary purposes. Both are often administered in a group setting. Can you Summarize how these assessments are distinct, and analyze the implications of group administration for these assessments. Include the perspective of administering these assessments

    Assessment of Cognitive Abilities

    The assessment of cognitive abilities draws a range of opinions in terms of the validity of assessing "intelligence". Begin by defining what is assessed. Choose one side of the argument (that "intelligence" can be accurately measured or that it cannot) and present and review the evidence that supports that position. Focus upon p

    Comparison of Assessment Tool Constructs

    Select an assessment tool from the list of assessments (see attachment). Explore the literature to identify another assessment tool that is purported to measure the same construct(s). Compare the tools on the basis of key test measurement concepts of reliability and validity. Describe the interpretation of results of each test b

    Provide assistance with the Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenarios.

    Look at the "Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenarios" attached. Choose either the "too warm" or "too cool" scenario and compare how the counselor in the "just right" scenario manages the assessment process differently. What could the counselor in the "just right" scenario have done that would have been even more effective

    Inept Assessment Development

    See the below (attachment) on "Inept Assessment Development." Choose three errors from the many that these inept test developers made. Use other resouces for support to apply key assessment concepts to demonstrate why their methods were flawed.

    Ethical Use of Assessment

    Select an assessment instrument likely to be used in the Mental Health professional practice. Read the reviews for the chosen assessment tool in the Mental Measurements Yearbook available scholarly articles that establish the appropriate use of that tool and what it purports to measure. Locate articles discussing the assessment

    Assessment Qualification Levels

    Review the Qualification levels for the use of Psychological Assessment. Compare these qualifications to the professional activities covered in the license or certification (Licensed Mental Health Counselor). Keeping in mind that these rules vary from state to state, describe the types of assessments that may be qualified to ad

    Analysis of Assessment Roles

    Choose one of the roles that assessment plays in the counseling field other than initial assessment for treatment. Such as: Treatment Matching, Monitoring Treatment Progress, Evaluation and Accountability, Outcome Assessment, or Data Analysis. Select a scholarly peer reviewed article that presents an example of this type of asse

    Emphasize roles of assessment.

    Please reflect upon the history of assessment and the counseling field. How does assessment help to define a counselor's professional identity? Address the role of assessment in the area of counseling that fits ones professional goals. Use scholarly sources to support your position and please provide 350 words or more.

    Process and related issues in cognitive behavioral assessment

    Our chapter explores the interviewing process in CBT. Factors such as interviewer skill, language, how emotions are handled, how outcomes are measured and the impact of the therapeutic relationship are discussed. What are the role of the therapeutic relationship, power and emotions in the assessment process in CBT?

    Educational and Psychological Measurement and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

    You are trying to select a psychological test to determine potential areas of interest for students entering college. The Educational and Psychological Measurement and Strong Interest Inventory Assessment are the two tests. What would be the top three criteria ranked in using the selected tests? Explain why you feel they are im

    Test and measurement questions

    Please help me answer these and please provide references. 1.Behavioral assessment signifies an approach or way of gathering information about important human characteristics. Please explain six approaches to behavioral assessment; and briefly describe two of these approaches? 2.Please explain the difference between re

    Neuropsychological assessment battery

    Explain the difference between a fixed and flexible neuropsychological assessment battery. Which type of battery do you think would produce the most accurate assessments and why?

    Psychology assessment

    The last part of chapter 2 is focused on "legal and ethical considerations" (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010, p. 53). This section is divided into three subsections: "The Concerns of the Public," "The Concerns of the Profession," and "The Rights of the Test-taker." After reading through this section of chapter 2, reply to this post des

    Family Functional Assessment

    Below is the link to the information which can be found about the Family Functional Assessment that DHS permanency planning workers use as a means of gaining family information, background, and overall ability to function. As the website explains, "Family Functional Assessment, is the most important step in the permanency plann

    Issues to Consider when Giving Feedback

    What are some issues to consider when giving verbal feedback to a client from a special population (diversity), client's guardian (minor children), or other authorized party.

    A critique of the Behavioral Assessment System test (strengths and weaknesses; psychometric qualities; and specific ethical, legal, and other issues) Also included are extra peer reviewed references that could be used for further research.

    For most purposes, the Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC) is an excellent choice for screening externalizing behavior problems. The rating scale has a number of items and scales specific to the externalizing domain. The is a comprehensive system for assessing child and adolescent behavior.

    Elements of clinical assessment

    Discuss the basic elements of clinical assessment. What is the role of the DSM IV-TR in clinical assessment? How does it guide the diagnosis of abnormal behavior? Please provide an example and cite references in your response.