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Assessment Scenarios and Goldilocks

Look at the "Goldilocks and the Three Assessment Scenarios" attached. Choose either the "too warm" or "too cool" scenario and compare how the counselor in the "just right" scenario manages the assessment process differently. What could the counselor in the "just right" scenario have done that would have been even more effective?


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The first step in the interview with the client, the interviewer needs to establish a therapist-client relationship. In one scenario,tThe "too cold" interviewer is distant and provides the client with uninspiring responses. By comparison, the interviewer who begins the interview right is warm and inviting, and thus sets the stage for a good therapeutic relationship. As opposed to the cold interviewer, he uses icebreakers that will help put the nervous interviewee at ease. The cold counselor is pushy and demanding, and has inappropriately provided information on the client's condition without explaining the purpose and nature of the tests. In doing so, he has added to the client's anxiety. Fowler and Perry (2005) point out that in most circumstances, the interviewer and client is ...

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