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    Defining Outcomes

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    The solution defines the likely learners within that setting. I can select an actual or hypothetical setting, situation, and learner population, but the analysis must include demographic data that actually correlate with your learner population. For the entire project, use the ADDIE model. The "Guide to a Systematic Instructional Design Process" is available to serve as a quick-reference guide for initiating an instructional design project based on the ADDIE model and incorporating electronic learning and performance support tools.

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    Although I was unable to access the ADDIE worksheet from your URL, I am familiar with its structure. I also found a solid link to assist with the analysis phase. Here are some ideas to infuse into your study:

    1. Identify and describe the needs or opportunities and the goals to be addressed by the learning intervention.

    Here is one idea since I tutor a 3rd grade Japanese student. I am also a secondary educator.

    This lesson aims to target the specific learning needs of 3rd grade ELL or ESL learners. Since English is not the first language of these pupils, online literacy interventions will be applied.
    These students require immersion in the English language. In other words, they need to experience simulations and online opportunities to read, write, speak, and listen to English.

    Ideas include:

    Students of all ethnic students backgrounds will be respected and valued in the learning process.

    Students will receive equal opportunities to learn and access to educational materials.

    Students will read online and use technology to enhance their emerging language skills.

    Add more goals to personalize how you want your project to function.

    2. Identify and describe the learning environment and context.

    Students will use the mouse and read online stories with interactive graphics.

    Students will receive immediate verbal and written feedback to encourage their literacy ...

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