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Psychology Assessment

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The last part of chapter 2 is focused on "legal and ethical considerations" (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010, p. 53). This section is divided into three subsections: "The Concerns of the Public," "The Concerns of the Profession," and "The Rights of the Test-taker." After reading through this section of chapter 2, reply to this post describing something you learned or found interesting. In your post, discuss how the information is important when protecting the public, the rights of the test-taker, or the profession of psychological assessment.

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When it comes to a psychology assessment, many factors are important when it comes to the public, and the test-taker. Every counselor has a code of professional ethics. This may mean making sure that they do not disclose the necessary information to the public about individuals ...

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This solution provided the factors that are entailed when it comes to doing a psychological assessment.

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