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Examination of Clinical Psychology

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1. The role of research and statistics in clinical psychology
2. The differences between clinical psychology and other mental health professions (i.e. social worker, psychiatry, school psychology, etc)

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This solution looks into the role of research and statistics from a clinical psychology perspective. In addition, it compares this to other mental health professions. 772 words with 4 references.

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Clinical Psychology:

This is the single largest filed within the field of psychology. This area of operation is focused in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of diverse mental disorders. Clinical psychology is also an integral part of science and clinical knowledge that is aimed at understanding, preventing any form of psychological based distress leading to personal development. The undertaking of psychotherapy with the affected patient creates an arena where proper diagnosis and treatment occurs. The treatment techniques that are central to the practice of the clinical psychologists are psychological based and the undertaken psychological assessments provide effective analysis of the patients. The field of clinical psychology relates with four theoretical orientations that include; psychodynamic, humanistic, behavior therapy and the systems of family therapy. These integrations enable the field to provide effective psychotherapy, psychological testing the proper diagnosis of any mental illness (Cherry, 2011).

Discussion of the Role of Research and Statistics in Clinical Psychology:

This field of psychology has the use of empirical type of research that are carried out across diverse sectors, they include; assessment, diagnosis, psychotherapy, experimental psychopathology. Through ...

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