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Evolution of Clinical Psychology

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What significant events contributed to the evolving nature of clinical psychology in recent times? Whom do you identify as major contributors to the discipline? What are those contributions?

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An evolution of clinical psychology is examined. The major contributors to the disciplines are determined.

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Clinical Psychology

The field of clinical psychology is broad as it is an integration of the science, theory and clinical knowledge of psychological principles to understand, prevent and provide solutions to psychologically-based disorders, distress and dysfunction to achieve wellness and personal development. While having a storied history, of recent, the discipline has continued to evolve. In the 20th century, WW2 needed clinical psychologists to help veterans of the war suffering from 'battle fatigue and shock' to recover. It is through the research and innovation of clinical psychologists helping soldiers that allowed for the establishment of post traumatic stress disorder as a valid psychological disorder and its treatment models. Because of the importance of psychological assistance to recovery, after the war, the Veterans Administration set aside good funding to set up the program that provided the base for the development of clinical psychology which soon saw clinical ...

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