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Errors in Test Development

See the below (attachment) on "Inept Assessment Development." Choose three errors from the many that these inept test developers made. Use other resouces for support to apply key assessment concepts to demonstrate why their methods were flawed.


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The first error that the test developers made was creating a test with no purpose. The American Educational Research Association (AERA, 1999) states that test involves a measure of "some aspect of an individuals' knowledge, skill, ability, interest, attitudes or other characteristics that occurs by developing items and combining them in a test according to some specified plan". In addition, the test development process involves consideration of factors such as: (a) content, (b) formation the context in which the test will be used, (c) consequences, (d) and conditions and procedures for administering and scoring the test (p. 37). Thus, contrary to the test developers in this case, the test must have a purpose.

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This soluiton discusses flawed methods in test development for a specific case.