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    Reasoning About Requirements

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    Comment on the following statements. Make sure to give citations for any works referenced.

    Statement 1
    Requirement errors are the most expensive to fix when found during production but the cheapest to fix early in development.

    Statement 2
    Missing requirements are the hardest requirements errors to correct.

    Statement 3
    The working environment has a profound impact on productivity and product quality.

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    1. When software is in the initial phase, which is requirement gathering, based on requirements identified the software goes into the next phase, which is the design phase. After the design phase is completed the last phase is coding. Hence, the entire software development revolves around building software around requirements. If during production there is requirement error, the entire process would have to be repeated which would cost much more than requirement error which is identified in the initial phase itself. The software is amorphous in its early days and can be relatively easily changed. But as development moves on to next phase software becomes more and more detailed and more and more rigid as code gets closer to final solution. Apart from cost involved, it is more difficult and time consuming to fix errors in this phase.

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