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    Applying psychosocial theories to a case study

    Can you read the (attached) Case Study and assist with the following? *Identify which theory (psychodynamic, Adlerian, child-centered play therapy, or systemic family approaches such as structural, MRI, solution-focused, and narrative therapy) you would prefer used to address Bobby's case. *Explain how you would apply the

    Issues in Assessment and Diagnosis

    Why is it important to use a multicultrual perspective in all phases of counseling, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment? Explain how having a multicultural perspective helps the counselor or therapist as well as the client? Min. of one scholarly resource to support your answer. Cite with an APA format

    Gestalt Therapy

    What would you consider some of good points of Gestalt therapy? What would be some the theoretical gaps or flaws in basic assumptions of Gestalt therapy?

    Will Today's Mental Treatments Shock Tomorrow's World?

    In the past there were many horrors that passed as treatment. And the lobotomies, trepanning (holes in the head) and accusations of witchcraft were all associated with mental illness at one time or another. Our knowledge of mental illness has vastly changed and, hopefully, our practice of treatment has changed. The above

    Culture and Assessment

    Case study: Luis A. is a 10-year-old bilingual student who speaks fluent Spanish and English, although he only speaks Spanish at home with his family. At school, in the classroom, Luis speaks English, but when he is with his friends, he speaks Spanish. Recently, his written work and grades in English class have been on a down

    Behavior Assessment Phases

    Before behavior analysts can choose behaviors to target or programs to put in place to address behaviors, they must first complete a behavior assessment. First state and define the five phases of behavior assessment. Then pick two of the five phases and discuss in your own words (a) what a behavior analyst is supposed to do d

    Applying Assessment Tools that Follow Ethical Guidelines

    Identify the primary question that the assessment needs to address in order to best serve the client(s). Based upon the identified referral question, select an assessment tool to use as part of the assessment process. With support from professional literature, provide a clear description of the tool and how it can address th

    Conducting Needs Assessment in Program Evaluation

    Could you provide me with a brief description of the type of counseling setting where you currently work or where you might practice as a counselor. Then, could you provide me with some ideas to help me get started on designing a five item survey that you could use to determine the needs for a well-being program for the staff.

    Discussing Academic Assessment

    Please provide some assistance with discussing the beliefs concerning the use of academic assessment (e.g., culture, language, standards)? Also, what are the merits of both standardized and alternative assessment methods?

    Initial Assessment and Diagnosis of Donald

    Donald is 33 years old. Although Donald is of relatively high intelligence, he has never been employed for more than a few days at a time, and he currently lives in a sheltered community setting. Donald has brief periods when he needs to be hospitalized. His hospitalizations are triggered by episodes of great agitation during wh

    Career Counseling Assessment Instruments

    Provide a brief description of the two assessment instruments you selected, followed by why you think they would be most useful in your situation. Include in your post the strengths of the assessments. Then explain why you believe it is important to be aware of the issues involved in testing special populations.

    Assessment and Competence in Professional Psychology

    I would like to discuss two related issues in this discussion thread. They are "assessment" and "competence." Please define each and then explain why they are important issues in the field of professional psychology.

    Assessment: Living in Grey Areas: Industrial Activity and Psychological Health.

    I already have some information, but I need additional help with my evaluation of the choice of design, the author's rationale for the design choice, the types of validity presented and the critical differences among them, the author's performance in explaining them, and how to assess the study's validity and the information req

    Accountability in a Counseling Assessment

    Give an explanation of the importance of accountability as it relates to using assessment in the practice of counseling. Include examples of how a counselor can employ accountability practices in the counseling profession. Be specific in your examples.

    Forensic assessment

    I was asked to craft 5-7 pages on the individual portrayed in the documentary, "Murder on a Sunday Morning" - A brief description of the case study in the documentary, including a description of the individual and the forensic population he is from. - A description of the potential role(s) of a forensic psychology profession

    Assessing Special Populations

    Describe the "Interpretation of Test Results" section of the Responsibilities of Users of Standardized Tests (RUST) on individuals with disabilities. Explain how this section of RUST would inform the administration of scoring and/or interpretation of assessments when working with this special population?

    Aptitude and Interest Assessments

    Select and give a brief description of an aptitude or interest assessment. Then explain how the test reviews of the aptitude or interest assessment compare to the general assessment standards (operational definition of terms, norming methods, reliability, validity, measures of error, and generalizability).

    Assessment Regarding Sexual Offenders

    Briefly describe the eligibility laws and qualifying disorders in your selected state's (Michigan, Texas or any state) civil commitment laws for sexual offenders. Explain how you might assess an individual under the state's civil commitment laws for sexual offenders in order to determine if he or she would qualify for civil comm

    Ethical and Multicultural Considerations in Intelligence Assessment

    Give a brief description of the intelligence assessment you selected. Then describe at least one strength and one limitation of the assessment related to ethical and/or multicultural considerations according to the ACA Code of Ethics and/or the AMCD Multicultural Counseling Competencies.

    Tests, Techniques, and/or Instruments for Comparison

    Provide a comparison (similarities and differences) of two tests, techniques, and/or instruments used to assess and diagnose substance abuse or addiction. Then, describe one strength and one shortcoming of each, using specific examples.

    Reliability and Validity of an Assessment Instrument

    Give a brief description of reliability and validity of an assessment instrument. Explain how an assessment instrument can be reliable but not be valid. Then, explain why an assessment instrument that is not reliable can never be deemed valid. Provide an example to illustrate your point.

    Case Study: Ethical and Multicultural Considerations in Assessment

    You are working as an elementary school counselor. A kindergarten teacher has requested your advice about a student named Maria, who, with her parents, immigrated to the United States from Costa Rica within the past month. Maria does not speak any English. In this small school district, the kindergarten teachers do an informal k

    Interpreting assessment results and writing reports in psychology

    There are countless psychometric tests and other non-standardized assessment tools and techniques available to assist counsellors with needs analysis and intervention planning. A key role for counsellors is to integrate assessment results and communicate those results effectively. The required journal article, Teacher Ratings