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Today's Mental Treatments and Tomorrow's World

In the past there were many horrors that passed as treatment. And the lobotomies, trepanning (holes in the head) and accusations of witchcraft were all associated with mental illness at one time or another.

Our knowledge of mental illness has vastly changed and, hopefully, our practice of treatment has changed. The above mentioned historical treatments make us shudder; but, I wonder which of today's treatments will make people shudder in 100 years?

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As it is stated above, treatments for mental illnesses have changed drastically over the years and we now have adopted much more humane ways of treating those who suffer from the symptoms of mental illness. However, there are still some therapies that may be viewed 100 years from now as being "wrong" or even inhumane.

One example could be with ...

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A discussion regarding the Expert's opinion regarding the treatments given to patients today with regard to mental health and potential effects of them 100 years from now including ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) and medications. 227 words.