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Harvard Referencing Style

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To complete this exercise, convert the list below to an appropriate reference list in Harvard style. When you finish, make sure to put them into alphabetical order as required by Harvard style.

A book with the title: 'Occupational Health and Safety', published in Sydney in 2004 by McGraw-Hill, with authors M. Stewart and F. Heyes. This is the second edition.

A book with the title: 'Internal Control and Corporate Governance', with authors K. Adams, R. Grose, D. Leeson and H. Hamilton, published in Frenchs Forest, NSW by Pearson Education Australia in 2003.

An article by M. Scardamalia and C. Bereiter, called 'Schools as knowledge-building organizations', published in 1999 in a book edited by D. Keating and C. Hertzman, called 'Today's children, tomorrow's society' in New York by Guilford as pages 274 to 289.

An article by J. R. Savery and T. M. Duffy, called 'Problem based learning: an instructional model and its constructivist framework', published on pages 31 to 38 in the journal 'Educational Technology', volume 35, number 5, in 1995.

An article called 'Integration and thematic teaching: integration to improve teaching and learning' by S. Lipson, S. Valencia, K. Wixson and C. Peters, published in 1993 in the journal 'Language Arts', volume 70, number 4, pages 252 to 263.

A video recording of a television documentary called 'Embers of the sun', produced in 1999 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney.
A Web page with the title 'Telstra conferencing - video overview', found at the address: http://www.telstra.com.au/conferlink/videoconf.htm on 11 August 2004. No date on it, though Mozilla gives a last modified date of 4 July 2004.

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This solution takes the attached reference list and converts it is Harvard formatted style.

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Adams, K, Grose, R, Leeson, D & Hamilton, H 2003, Internal Control and Corporate Governance, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.

Embers of the Sun, (1999), video recording of television documentary, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sydney.

Lipson, S, Valencia, S, Wixson, K & Peters, C (1993), ...

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