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    Globalization and the Indian Economy

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    Please - I need help on this assignment:

    ? Globalization and its implications on regions, nations, companies, society
    ? Political and Economic overview
    ? Global Issue Analysis: Environment; demographics, regional integrations, international organizations, outsourcing, rich-poor, clash of civilizations.

    Here is the assignment:

    Choose a country and discuss how its integration into the world market is changing the societal culture and how those changes are seen in industry and specific organizational cultures. Present evidence from sources to support your point of view in a paper with citations (maximum of 5 pages).

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    The country chosen for this assignment is India. The solution provides a clear and concise explanation of the impact of globalization on India. Statistics and figures have also been included. The attached document contains 2427 words, well cited based on Harvard referencing and a bibliography with 25 references.