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Drugs and Behavior: Assessment and Diagnoses of Substance Abuse or Addiction

Provide a comparison (similarities and differences) of two tests, techniques, and/or instruments used to assess and diagnose substance abuse or addiction. Then, describe one strength and one shortcoming of each, using specific examples.

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1. About the topic - 100 words
2. Instrument 1 - about the instrument, its strength and shortcoming (1 example each) in terms of application - 100 words
3. Instrument 2 - same as above, 100 words

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Assessment Instruments for Substance Abuse

Drug addiction is often the result of the abuse, misuse and dangerous consumption of drugs and substances that alter the mood like psychoactive drugs, performance enhancing drugs and alcohol. Many turn to the utility of said substances to 'escape' the realities of life (i.e. alcoholism, heroin addiction) or primarily because of impulse control due to addiction wherein the individual has become dependent on the drug to alter mood so that he or she has no sense of control over their actions towards their need to consume the substance to achieve desired effects. The problem is, due to the manner by ...

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This solution discusses the CAGE Questionnaire and the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, also known as AUDIT, in 796 words with three references.