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    Substance Abuse: Consequences for Individual & Society

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    Discuss the issue of substance addiction in terms of consequences for the individual and society. Explore why relapse prevention and intervention programs have had only limited effectiveness in solving the problem of drug addiction.

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    The concern regarding the abuse of alcohol and drugs is one of the most complex problems facing society today. Substance abuse has been the focus of empirical research on both the use and causes of drug use. For the individual, substance abuse has devastating effects on the body (Maher, J., 1997). For instance, substance abuse affects the central nervous system. As an example, substance abuse has been found to have long-term effects on brain functioning, reduction in cognitive abilities (including memory loss). The addiction of drugs has fueled social policy as to whether drug addiction is a disease, or just bad behavior. Among the social ills contributing to drug use are increases in crime and forms of social decay. For instance, drug users ...

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    Aubstance abuse is the focus of many empirical studies. Studies are presented that explain how mood, social customes, and problematic behavior contribute to drug addiction. The short and long-term effects of drug abuses are highlighted.