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    Writing an Assessment Paper (Chemical/Drugs)

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    Can an assessment be written as a paper? Are there any samples of real assessments in this category or pertaining to that I can use as a guide to follow in order to complete this assignment? Any help is appreciated! How do you begin to write a response for chemical use assessment/history and treatment recommendations for a psychological social history on someone? I am stumped as to how the assessment should look. Do you suppose I could incorporate the information I learned in class, and my research information from outside sources, into the referral/ treatment recommendations section at the end of the paper? Any advice is appreciated.

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    I understand that starting a response, one with so many restrictions, requirements and expectations attached to it, can be quite daunting. The key is to simplify and make clear what your professor expects, to essentially distill to the fundamentals what your paper is going to be about.

    In this solution, I am going to provide you advice and some direction as well as information that you can use to achieve this response. You ask - can an assessment be written as paper? A paper essentially is a body of research, information and opinion, an exercise of the application of learned knowledge and acquired expertise. This, at least, is the definition when it comes to academic papers. An assessment is a test. Can an assessment be presented in such a way that it is also a body of information and opinion as well as an exercise of learned expertise? The simple answer is yes. Besides, you are referring here to chemical assessment, essentially a research into the chemical (drugs) history of the patient, which is an essential part of treatment. Chemicals/drugs are part of the medicative strategy - treating the chemical imbalance or disorder via the use of antipsychotics and antidepressants for example - to help the patient recover from and/or manage the disorder. As for the part on treatment recommendations for a psychological social history - I do believe that such a response would expound on several aspects, but yes, definitely, you can put together papers on them - either combined as one paper or separate as 2 subject matters. For this purpose, I shall advise in putting together a 2-part paper that expands on both.

    So, the key is ...

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