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Creating a quality thesis statement

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Creating a quality thesis statement is possibly the most critical aspect to writing a quality paper, essay, and answering a comprehensive examination question. Please provide some best practices for writing a quality thesis statement and then create a thesis statement for the following topic: performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

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Writing a quality paper begins with choosing a topic. In choosing your topic you want to have some idea of how you will lay out your paper, to make sure you can develop a sufficient amount of detailed information. You will need to consider if your topic is arguable. You can consider what someone would be able to say if he or she disagrees with what you are saying, and how you would be able to back up any claims you plan to make.

After choosing a topic, you should do some preliminary research on the topic to help narrow it down. Sometimes you might have ...

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This solution discusses how to create a quality thesis statement, and then creates a thesis statement for the topic, "performance enhancing drugs in sports".