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    My topic is Breast Cancer.

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    1. Can you help me with the question; I need one complete sentence for my thesis statement. It should be focused on a specific content area and indicate the question, debate, or conflict that arises when people (yourself included) talk about this subject.

    2. Give a description of three specific claims of this thesis statement that you plan to pursue, and an explanation of how you will develop these.

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    Problem: Writing a thesis statement and generating claims
    Topic: Breast cancer

    Remember when developing a thesis statement that your statement must be arguable. Even if your essay is expository in nature (that is, informational), your thesis should not be beyond debate. For example, given your topic of breast cancer, not many people would argue that breast cancer is a major killer among women. Well, yes, this is true. That's rather like saying that the sky is blue. Unless it's nighttime, I'd say we'd all agree on this statement.

    A more appropriate type of thesis statement for your topic would be slightly more controversial. For example, you ...