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    Guidance for a paper about the death penalty

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    I am needing to create a persuasive outline and powerpoint presentation on the topic "The dealth penalty as a deterrent". I have posted the guidelines below.

    The Outline must have the following:

    Thesis: The thesis is stated at the beginning of the outline. It is a complete sentence and reflects the topic and purpose of the presentation.

    Organization of Information: The hierarchy of information is organized using the outline format explained in the text. The Roman Numerals are the main points of the thesis. Capital letters develop the points of each Roman Numeral. Numbers develop the points of each capital letter. (It is also acceptable to make the Introduction and Conclusion part of the Roman Numerals.)

    Content: .The outline is written in detail, whether it uses complete sentences or phrases. It includes all points of the speech.

    Visuals: A description of how the visuals enhance the presentation should follow the outline. The student should consider how the visual helps the audience understand the concepts developed in the speech.

    References: The outline ends with a References page that contains the correct content and demonstrates the correct formatting according to APA criteria.

    The powerpoint must have the following:

    Voice: The speaker uses a conversational voice when speaking. The speech is not read. The speaker does not use "uh's, "um's," "and uh's," etc. Sentences are separate entities and do not all connect with conjunctions such as "and." Sentences do not end with an "up" inflection unless they are questions. The language is professional; it doesn't use slang, and it uses correctness of expression.

    PowerPoint: The presentation supports the main points, enhances the speaker's words, contains parallelism in writing and formatting, uses an easy-to-read font, does not use slides full of sentences, uses visuals. The presentation relfects a correctness of expression. The presentation includes a correctly formatted References page.

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    Dear Student,
    Creating an outline is easy if you know where the paper is going with a working thesis statement. I can see where you may encounter writer's block on this topic. I will be able to help you identify the main points for your thesis statement so that you can start your outline. As we have communicated with each other, I'm here to help you become a more effecient writer in general, so ultimately, you'll have to fill out the rest of the outline.

    If you are not sure of this topic, you need to do some background reading by researching the topic online. That would be the first step you need to take to write a successful outline. For your convenience, I have located one article that will give you some background information on this topic, and I have also located another sample paper on this particular topic. You will find these two attached files with the responses to this posting helpful.

    As for the next portions of the responses here, I will help you build an effective thesis statement by providing you with general guidelines:

    (From one of the articles, here are the basic arguments for death penalty: Since society has the highest interest in preventing murder, it should use the strongest ...

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