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    Future Military and Robert Gates

    Read the speech given by Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense, at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY, on Friday February 25th 2011. What are the main postulates of his speech, and what is your opinion/reaction to his words and ideas?

    Separation of the South: Applying the Constitution

    It is early December, 1860, the United States is about to tear itself apart with a full blown war (Civil War/War Between the States). Disregarding the issue of Slavery, explain why you feel that the South should be able to leave the Union constitutionally, or not. Please keep in mind that the South's argument was that the North

    Leadership in Warfare

    Are adaptive leaders born or made? What type of organizational culture, training environment, command climate and/or experience would foster the growth of adaptive leaders? Is the current Global War on Terror (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom), dubbed the Captain's War, accelerating the growth of adaptive leade

    Teamwork: Small vs. Large Units

    What is the importance of teamwork and its importance to small unit leadership? Is there value? How does an individual small unit leader develop this teamwork mentality, and what happens if he/she fails to do so? Will there be a significant impact either positive or negative? When do strong teams within a unit undermine the l

    World War I - Leadership

    Chapter 9 of Kolenda's book (Leadership: The Warriors Art) presents an incredibly harsh critique of Army leadership in WWI. What could have been done differently? In particular, what lessons needed to be learned to prevent them from recurring a few years later in WWII?

    Moral Values in the US Military

    Hartle (2004) stated in Moral Issues, "The three primary factors that have shaped the American professional military ethics are the functional requirements of military service, the international laws of war, and the core values of American society" (Page 9). How has this impacted ethics in the military?

    Just War Theory

    Discuss here Just War Theory (JWT). How can one apply the principles of the JWT to the military actions enforced by the US during World War 2?

    Alexander the Great: War Studies

    Write about Alexander the Great or Frederick the Great. Please give your reasons you chose the one and what you like or dislike about the one you chose.

    Military (Versatility, Cohesion, and Discipline)

    Versatility, Cohesion and Discipline. The authors of Chapter 3, 4 & 5 in Kolenda's text all seem to be talk about similar concept. Illuminate on a personal example concerning the need to be versatile and creative as a leader in creating cohesive teams that have the discipline to train to the deeper and innovative level.

    Christopher Kolenda's The Warrior's Art

    In terms of Kolenda's Chapter 1, what is Leadership? What major points does Kolenda use to illuminate his ideas on leadership? Do you agree or disagree? And why?

    Military Ethics

    What do you think is one of the major ethical questions facing the armed forces today? Also, have you read any of the following? Bacevich, Andew. (2008). The Limits of Power. New York: Henry Holt & Company Hartle, A.E. (2004). Moral Issues in Military Decision Making (2nd ed.). Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of K

    Nazi Values and Education

    What were the values of the Nazi's, and how were these values implemented into the education system in Germany?

    Leadership - General Patton

    After a review of the below principles that guided Gen. Patton throughout his storied career which principles do you believe are valid for today's leaders and which one(s) do you see in your own leadership kit bag - Gen. Patton's leadership style varied at times and he could be considered the autocratic / hardnosed type with an

    Leadership - Chain of Command

    1.You are the highest enlisted member (Command Sergeant Major, Command Chief Master Sergeant, Command Master Chief, etc) of your current base, post, det, boat, submarine etc. what are some of the changes you would implement immediately and why? 2. You are the highest commander of your base, post, det, boat, submarine etc. wha

    Latin Americans - Philosophies, Influence, Contributions

    What are some of the philosophies that influenced Latin America? In what way did they impact the cultures of Latin America? What contributions to society did folk and elite caudillos bring to Latin American society? What impact did the encroachment of Europeans have upon the New World?

    General Patton Debate

    In an odd twist of history, you are serving as a soldier in World War II and...you are given the choice of serving under General Omar Bradley or General George Patton. Which great leader do you pick to serve under...and why? Please cite your source(s) General Omar Bradley -Known as the "soldiers' general," Bradley commande


    Discuss enlisted leadership. Choose a current article that discusses one of the branches of service and how NCOs are making a difference. Make sure to cite using APA format.

    Changes in the military

    Explain how you see leadership has changed in the military and civilian worlds from the end of World War II to today. What particular leader stands out in your mind as a great leader in modern times...and why?

    Pearl Harbor

    YOU ARE THERE: The date is December 7, 1941 at precisely 0755 hours Hawaii time. Select one of the following scenarios and discuss what leadership you think should be demonstrated. 1. You are standing on the deck of the USS West Virginia at the exact moment that the Japanese torpedo bombers strike at Pearl Harbor. You are the

    Leadership: Sergeant Stryker

    You are there: You are one of Sgt. Stryker's Marines at Iwo Jima. Would you follow him into combat and why? Discuss. or If you are not familiar with the movie, discuss some enlisted heroes of Iwo Jima and the challenges they faced on the island.

    Best Leader you have had/why

    Expound on and finish this statement...."The Best Leader I Ever Saw Was..." It might be hard to choose only one if you are fortunate to have worked for or with truly outstanding leaders over the years. It might be your high school football team quarterback, maybe your little league coach, maybe your drill sergeant, or someone at

    WW2 Leadership

    Select any FOUR great "Allied" (friendly) military leaders of World War II and discuss their leadership and what they did right and wrong. You may select any national leaders, generals or admirals. Here comes the hard part...select any one Japanese AND any one NAZI leader and compare/contrast their leadership styles to the four

    Twelve O'Clock High film summation

    For those of you who have the movie "Twelve O'Clock High"...discuss in detail the leadership style and effectiveness of Gen. Frank Savage and 3 other "key" characters in the movie. One of the key characters must be enlisted. 2. For those of you who do NOT have the movie "Twelve O'Clock High"...discuss in detail the leadership

    Gender and Race Relation in the Armed Forces from 1941 to 1945.

    YOU ARE THERE: You are living through the period of time from 1914 to 1945. You are a government official tasked to observe race and gender relations within all the branches of service. What changes do you see (if any) during this period of time? Make sure to discuss your observations

    Critical Book Review - Toussaint L'ouverture

    Book: Toussaint L'ouverture, the Hero of Saint Domingo, Soldier, Statesman, Martyr: Or, Hayti's Struggle, Triumph, Independence, and Achievements The book must pertain to leadership in some form and fashion which opens widens your left and right limit significantly. Within the review, indicate what major questions the book ad

    Memphis Belle and Black Hawk Down

    In the movie "Memphis Belle," focus on the four officers (pilot, co-pilot, navigator and bombardier). Which of these aviators would you follow into combat, especially in the dangerous skies over Nazi-held Europe? Remember that the Memphis Belle was flown by ten real-life heroes. Also, discuss which one of the NCOs you would most

    We were Soldiers

    In the movie "We Were Soldiers," you see the classic example of a crusty Sergeant Major (Plumley). Would you follow this man into combat in the Ia Drang Valley? Why/why not? What leadership did he demonstrate to you that you would like to incorporate into your life? How would you incorporate it? Do you think Hollywood ha

    Saving Private Ryan

    Based on the movie Saving Private Ryan, YOU are the crusty sergeant in the movie. Focus on the scene where the company has captured the Nazi machine-gunner and are deciding what do to with him. Notice that the sergeant supports the captain's decision regardless of the future outcome. Do you agree with the sergeant's actions or w

    Leadership and Fatigued Soldiers

    2 Part question After reading FM22-100 Army Leadership-Army Values The Soldiers Load and the Mobility of a Nation: discuss the effect of loading and fatigue on a soldier and how it effected leading a fatigued soldier.. Today's soliders, airman and marines carry a lot "kit" into the field. Discuss what you as a leader cou