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    General Patton

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    In an odd twist of history, you are serving as a soldier in World War II and...you are given the choice of serving under General Omar Bradley or General George Patton. Which great leader do you pick to serve under...and why?

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    General Omar Bradley -Known as the "soldiers' general," Bradley commanded American forces in the D-Day invasion..... http://www.history.com/videos/general-omar-bradley#general-omar-bradley

    General George Patton - The outspoken and opinionated general leads U.S. troops in both World War I and II....... http://www.history.com/videos/george-s-patton#george-s-patton

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    General George S. Patton is who I would rather serve under. General Patton was a Commander who believed in completing the mission. General Bradley was a great Commanding Officer in Germany, but General Patton was a great battlefield commander. ...

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