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    Leadership - General Patton

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    After a review of the below principles that guided Gen. Patton throughout his storied career which principles do you believe are valid for today's leaders and which one(s) do you see in your own leadership kit bag - Gen. Patton's leadership style varied at times and he could be considered the autocratic / hardnosed type with an orientation towards strong discipline; however he seemed to also use a situation leadership style. Lastly we know Gen. Patton was strong physically, emotionally, and mentally; however he also had a strong spiritual life (he read the Bible everyday).

    The list is long - just pick a couple and expand your reflection on why you would follow Gen. Patton and how his principles are or are not reverent for today's leaders............

    Principles of Command:

    â?¢ Establish a Command Presence
    â?¢ Use Your People - Delegate
    â?¢ Require Accountability
    â?¢ Reprimand When Required
    â?¢ Say What You Mean
    â?¢ Always Be Alert for Trouble - Anticipate
    â?¢ Anyone Who Thinks They Are Indispensable Ain't

    Principles of Management:

    â?¢ Get the Facts, When Making Decisions
    â?¢ Use the Input From Your People
    â?¢ Utilize Participative Management
    â?¢ Priories Must Be Established
    â?¢ Always Prepare Alternative Plans
    â?¢ Manage By Walking Around
    â?¢ Use Consensus if Possible
    â?¢ Timing is Very Important
    â?¢ Keep Lines of Communications Open
    â?¢ Select Your Leaders From Accomplishments Not Affection
    â?¢ When Responsibility Is Given So Must Authority

    Principles for Life:

    â?¢ Stay Physically Fit
    â?¢ Keep the Mind Active
    â?¢ The Mind Can Control the Body
    â?¢ Maintain A Strong Code of Honor
    â?¢ High Integrity
    â?¢ Always Tell the Truth
    â?¢ Strong Spiritual Character
    â?¢ Study the Bible
    â?¢ Don't Judge Others
    â?¢ Keep The Golden Rule

    Principles for Success:

    â?¢ Have Pride in Appearance
    â?¢ Study and Prepare
    â?¢ Training is Very Important
    â?¢ Show Dependability
    â?¢ Use Visualizations
    â?¢ Establish a Positive Mind Set
    â?¢ Have Strong Determination
    â?¢ Keep an Attitude of Optimism
    â?¢ Be Confident
    â?¢ Always Keep Something In Reserve

    Principles for Leadership:

    â?¢ Use Active Listening
    â?¢ Develop Your People
    â?¢ Develop Trust and Cooperation
    â?¢ Respect Others
    â?¢ Use Positive Motivation
    â?¢ Empathize With Your People
    â?¢ Develop a Win/Win Attitude
    â?¢ Be a Role Model for Your People
    â?¢ High Integrity is Necessary
    â?¢ Be Flexible in Your Approach
    â?¢ Encourage Your People
    â?¢ Develop an Effective Conflict Resolution Technique
    â?¢ Collaboration and Cooperation is a Key to Leadership


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    The most important principle in my opinion is "Establish a Command Presence" as the establishment of a command presence is necessary for the people following YOU to know who is in charge. Without a command presence it will be difficult to have people follow command orders and is necessary for a command structure to be developed. The top of the structure has to establish his or her presence for their subordinates to follow orders and those under the top have to establish their presence for others to follow their command. This is still reverent for today's leaders as it is imperative to establish a command presence in order to command.

    The next tenet that I would propose is necessary is the choose leaders based on friendships, personality, or any other non-achievement- based selection. The tendency for leaders of other industries to select people for top positions based on friendship, personal characteristics or other variables is something that can afford to be done because typically life and death situations are not at hand, ...

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