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    Teamwork - Small and Large Units

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    What is the importance of teamwork and its importance to small unit leadership? Is there value? How does an individual small unit leader develop this teamwork mentality, and what happens if he/she fails to do so? Will there be a significant impact either positive or negative?

    When do strong teams within a unit undermine the larger unit's cohesiveness? That is, when you have a large number of teams in the same group or company, can team loyalty be too strong thereby undermining the unit's overall mission?

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    Teamwork is imperative in small unit leadership with prime examples in the armed forces Seals or Rangers. These elite team units are the best of the best and only can excel with every team member carrying out their team's role in the unit. There is immense value in the team concept for elite units such as these responsible for missions that set the paradigm for others and lead the way for ground troops. The teamwork mentality is carefully constructed within these units as training is predicated upon the team wherein if a team member is lacking or insufficient, the entire unit fails to pass the test. This provides an incentive for the team to work in ...

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    The solution discusses what is the importance of teamwork and its importance to small unit leadership.