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Research Article: Impact of Teamwork on Missed Nursing Care

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Please briefly describe:

Conclusions of the study?
Limitations of the study?
Variables (i.e, independent/dependent )
What type of study is this? For example randomized, Non randomized, cross sectional, Descriptive?
What are the statistical results that led to the conclusion?


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Please briefly describe:
Conclusions of the study?
-Stronger nursing teamwork was associated with less missed nursing care reported, even after controlling for participants' individual characteristics and clustering of data.
-Teamwork is critical for providing quality and safe nursing care.
- When there is teamwork, the staff back up and assist each other so the care will not be missed. Leadership individuals present in teamwork also coordinate the work so that the care is not missed. Teams share trust and a mental model of the care needed and adapt changing conditions.
Limitations of the study?
The study was conducted in 4 nonrandomly chosen hospitals (the authors never mentioned random selection), and the participants self-selected to participate (i.e., response rate was a little over 50%), both of which limit the generalizability of the results. Because a survey approach was used, results reflect participants' perceptions rather than an observation of ...

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The solution discusses the impact of teamwork on missed nursing care.