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    Challenges to Collecting Accurate Data

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    What are some common challenges to collecting accurate data in the work setting?

    In medical and or nursing research?

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    Interesting question. Let's look at some of the nursing and/or medical research to see what challenges are reported.

    1. What are some common challenges to collecting accurate data in the work setting e.g. in medical and or nursing research?

    In nursing and medical research, one reported challenge to collecting accurate data has to with the type of data collection method that will best collect the data required and also a method that will be least intrusive and more accepted by the organization and employees (nurses, etc.). Another reported challenge in the nursing literature has to do with resistance from the organization and employees to provide information to "outsider," for example, as well as the time necessary to collect the data (e.g, nurses will give lower priority to research than other pressing day-to-day duties of the job). Fourth, the degree of time spent in understanding each institution's reporting practices prior to completing data collection will enhance the response rate and quality of data provided. The attached .pdf article also discusses challenges linked to collecting accurate data and they described and suggested a number of reasonable-but-quick solutions to the current challenges associated with the collection, aggregation, reporting, analysis, and interpretation of performance measurement data. A wide range of options were identified, also available on-line at http://www.amia.org/inside/initiatives/healthdata/2007/ahrq_datareport.pdf) (see example 3 below).

    Let's look at research for each of these points of challenge.

    Casey (2004), for example, describes some of the challenges faced in the course of completing a non-participant observational study that examined how hospital-based nurses in an acute setting carried out health promotion practice. These challenges impact data collecting and whether or not 'accurate' data will be collected, because some settings are more accepting of certain types of research and types of data collections methods (less invasive). Casey's challenges included:

    - Deciding which observational role to adopt,
    - Whether to use structured or unstructured observations,
    - Which observational position to adopt,
    - How long observation sessions should be (longer sessions are often less welcome) and how to deal with ethical issues when the researcher is also a nurse. Casey concluded that the answers to some ...

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    By example and discussion, some common challenges to collecting accurate data in the work setting and in medical and or nursing research are highlighted. Supplemented with two articles on data collection challenges in healthcare.