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    Critical Book Review - Toussaint L'ouverture

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    Book: Toussaint L'ouverture, the Hero of Saint Domingo, Soldier, Statesman, Martyr: Or, Hayti's Struggle, Triumph, Independence, and Achievements

    The book must pertain to leadership in some form and fashion which opens widens your left and right limit significantly. Within the review, indicate what major questions the book addressed, what ground is covered, what the major conclusions are, what other experts in the field have offered regarding similar topics, how well the author presents the information, and a recommendation for potential readers on the book's value to the subject matter. The standard length for each review is 4-5 pages, double-spaced, single sided. All reviews are expected to conform to the normal style guidelines associated with APA.


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    The book I have chosen to summarize is Toussaint L'ouverture, the Hero of Saint Domingo, Soldier, Statesman, Martyr: Or, Hayti's Struggle, Triumph, Independence, and Achievements. Written originally in early 1920s, but reproduced by Nabu Press for its historical value this book tells the true account of one of the greatest military leaders in history Toussaint Louverture who was the general responsible for accomplishing a feat that had never been accomplished before, which was a successful slave revolt leading to freedom for former slaves in a colony in the America's called Haiti. Prior to Louverture Haiti was a slave colony controlled by the French and African slaves were sent there for centuries to harvest the sugar cane on the island that was a delicacy around the world. On the island of Hispinola were Haiti was located also was the Spanish controlled slave colony of the Dominican Republic and 70 miles away from Hispinola was the British slave colony of Jamaica. Spain, Britain, and France were each at war with each other with Spain and Britain merging forces against France during the rise of Toussaint Louverture.

    Amidst this backdrop of slavery this book highlights the leadership displayed by the eventual leader of the slave revolt in Haiti Toussaint Louverture the hero of San Domingo Louverture through morality, his intellect, and humane force led the most important struggle in the history of Haiti. The major points in this book, in which Thirty-four of these chapters are dedicated, focus on Louverture and his accomplishments as a general, a statesman, as well as a leader. The events in this book transpired between 1790 and 1804, and were the most important period in the history of Haiti representing a period of violent changes, and the beginning of the transition in which a nation passed from the house of bondage to the promised land (Grangon-Lacoste & Mossell, 2010).

    The ground covered in this book is about how a man who was born a slave, but whom God made great, exhibited the noblest qualities of heart and mind as well as strength and valor to defeat three of the most powerful nations on earth at varying times between 1790-1804 to lead his people from the evils of slavery and bondage. Within the book is a brief rendition of the early life of Toussaint and his origins as well as his rise form slave to freedman. The book focuses on ...

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    Critical Book review - Toussaint L'ouverture, the Hero of Saint Domingo.