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    Just War Theory

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    Discuss here Just War Theory (JWT). How can one apply the principles of the JWT to the military actions enforced by the US during World War 2?

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    The Just War Theory (JWT) is predicated upon several principles that are not a universally agreed upon doctrine. This is imperative to remember because the theory entails the ethical reflections of the people who proclaim that they are utilizing this theory for war. Therefore, in many instances a country will use this doctrine such as in the 2003 Iraq War, but most of the world may disagree. Nevertheless, the country that believes it was using the JWT can escape crimes against humanity charges because of the lack of a universal doctrine on what constitutes a just reason for going to war.

    Although many JWT's and theorists exists, constituting subtle and sometimes dramatic differences, the tenets for the variables to interpret the theory have been created since the inception of the JWT. These tenets include (Jus ad Bellum) a just cause, which has four different tenets including the right intention, legitimate authority, last resort, and probability of success ...

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