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    World History

    World War 1 Leadership

    YOU ARE THERE: It is June 1918 and you are standing in an 8 foot deep trench on the Western Front in World War I. You are standing in about 6 inches of mud and cold rain water. You have mild trench foot and a nasty cold. You look down at your sleeve and you mildly regard your new chevrons for Sgt that where handed to you last we

    NEED HELP for The Japanese Colonization of Southeast Asia (Especially Singapore)

    I really need help for academic 6 pages of essay (double-spaced) about the Japanese Colonization of Southeast Asia, especially focusing on Singapore. Here is a basic outline of the essay. 1. Talk about the basic background and history of WWII especially from 1941 and then discuss how the Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia

    Founding of the German Empire.

    Please help with the following problem. Provide a description of the basic history behind the founding of the German Empire in 1871.

    Impact that violence had on modern warfare during WWI

    The First World War proved to be a rude awakening for European soldiers and civilians whose nineteenth century imperial ambitions and expectations clashed disastrously with twentieth century technology. What impact did the violence and the harsh realities of modern warfare have on the political and social beliefs of those on th

    Communism versus capitalism

    Please help with the following problem regarding communism versus capitalism Discuss the following points: - how ideas and events effect each other in turn - interpretive issue scheme and how it is understood; - a specific event about Communism versus capitalism; COLD WAR - interpretive issue to analyze and evaluate the

    Compromise 1850

    Compromise of 1850 ââ?¬" Should the Compromise of 1850 have been approved? Regardless of your position, could the Civil War have been avoided at this point in American history? How? 5 paragraphs siding with the north and how the compromise delayed the civil war

    Origins of Britain's Protestant Nationalism

    Popular belief holds that nationalism,or the idea of it, spread throughout Europe as a consequence of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Though the concept and term of "nationalism" were likely coined at that time, I am trying to write a paper tracing its beginnings back to, at least, the Tudor monarchy in Britain.

    Eastern European History

    In the book, Inventing Eastern European History, Larry Wolff argues Eastern Europe was constructed as an experimental domain that gave free play to the social theories and political reveries of the west. Basing your response the works of Wolff, Andric, Habsweb, and the film Pan Tadeusz, evaluate the veracity of Wolff's asser

    Columbian Exchange: Food & Cuisine

    What is the effect of the Columbian exchange of the Food Culture and cuisine of the new World? What sort of food did the Europeans bring? What food made it from the New world to the Old world?

    The Unequal Treaties of Japan are exemplified.

    What exactly are the unequal treaties of Japan and did they have anything to do with the West or just China? I do not understand what they are and their importance. Are there many different treaties?


    Vietnam assignments "in country" were generally limited to thirteen months fixed duration. Service members reported in and departed individually on fixed departure dates called DEROS (date of rotation) rather than with their whole unit together. How can we assess the impact that deploying individually rather than by unit had

    Making Presidential Decisions

    President Harry Truman, the first Cold War President, had a sign on his desk saying "The Buck Stops Here." Indecisive people can pass on their responsibilities and pass the buck, and advisory people can propose their concepts and lobby for acceptance, but the President can ultimately turn to nobody else. Presidents must make th

    U.S. Fears of the Spreading of Communism

    After WW II the U.S. and its allies were very afraid of nations around the world falling under the influence of the Soviet and Chinese bloc. We were so blinded by that fear that we did not see that while there was definitely a communist influence in Vietnam, the real motivating factor for the people was just to be free of foreig

    The Future of African American Culture

    Develop a presentation that theorizes about future trends for African American culture in the United States. Focus on changes in social, political, and cultural trends that affect how people view African Americans. Here is what I have to do thosugh I have to answer this question in 4 slides: Identify any areas wher

    The UN Role in Maintaining Global Peace

    Summarize the efforts of the United Nations to maintain peace. Include the role of the United Nations in ending imperialism and monitoring cease-fire agreements. Also show how international law has come to play a more important role in world affairs.

    Gender Identity Among African Americans

    700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following: o Select an African American woman who had an important effect on the womenâ??s movement. Describe her contributions and analyze her importance. Describe the differences and similarities between African American female and male identity. How has female identity

    Russia and World War I

    Discuss the developments in Russia on the eve of World War I and after the war began. Identify what limited political and economic progress had been made before the war and show the impact of the war on the people and the government.

    Family Life for African Americans

    Interview an adult or elderly African American or read a narrative by an elderly African American about childhood and family life. o Describe the conditions of your interviewee's childhood and young adulthood, such as his or her family life, schooling, first job, and so forth. What is the role of the family for this perso

    Causes of The Chernobyl Disaster

    Regarding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster: Analyze the historical and contemporary causes of the disaster. Analyze different historical interpretations of the disaster.

    The Ideals and Violence of the French Revolution

    List some views on the role of violence to achieve freedom. At what point was the violence of the French Revolution contrary to the ideals of the French Revolution? What lessons can be taken for that in our modern society?

    Eastern Europe and the Solviet Union

    Background: : â??Until the Communist governments of the Warsaw Pact nations began to fall like dominoes late in 1989 â?" followed two years later by the Soviet Union â?" the Eastern Bloc appeared to be a permanent fixture on the international landscapeâ?¦By the end of 1991, the one-time monolith of Eastern European communis

    Influential African Americans in the Media

    Select and describe an African American, such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Maya Angelou, Denzel Washington, or Halle Berry that has had a great effect on popular culture. Describe the effect he or she has had on African Americans and popular culture. Examine the treatment of this person in the media. Is the way the media tr

    Ideals of Communist leaders

    What impact did glasnost (openness), perestroika (restructuring), and demokratizatsiia (democratization) have on Communist society? Were these principles compatible with collectivization and a command economy? Did Communist leaders favor these principles or did they feel that their hands were tied once they were introduced to Co